What is an export service?

If people think of anything when they hear the term “service export”, they might think of construction services on large foreign infrastructure projects... A service export is, very simply, any service provided by a resident in one country to people or companies from another.

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Reliable and strategic partner

We are a company with extensive experience in international trade and knowledge regarding practices, regulations and opportunities. Our experience allows our clients to market products through effective and clear commercial transactions, having the possibility of using our structure and financial, administrative and commercial operations.

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Creating perdurable business opportunities


Identify and promote competitive and efficient companies that fulfill their commitments, offer quality products and are interested in developing long term profitable objectives.


We provide market analysis by sector and type of product and trade related consultancy services.


We are focused on providing operative, logistic, commercial and financial support, acting as a local strategic partner in each market.


Access to potential markets for purchasing, selling and distribution of products as well as investment opportunities and strategic alliances.